The WORST Makeup Tutorial I've Ever Done ( I'm Sorry )

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Don't blame me, I just listen to the twitter zombaes.
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Runtime: 23:29


kirwanqueren - Time siden
Okay no, I am really uncomfortable..... UGH!!!! Mykie, noooo please no..... uuuuuugggggghhhhhh I dunno if I can..... I will try to stick it out--------- tries to watch----------------- Nope!!! Love you though, but hell no, I am going to shudder all night in my sleep.... Sorry its not you, its my utter disgust for holes, cannot.
Shiloh And The Silly Bunch
Mykie: Fits perfectly
Me: Thats what she said
R. C.
R. C. - Dag siden
What really freaks me out is anything having to do with teeth or scraping on teeth loud sharp noises that make your teeth hurt or anything having to do with fingernails or the disruption of fingernails that clipping them things going under them Splinter Etc
Cappy Ccino
Cappy Ccino - Dag siden
Who else literally cringed in discomfort whenever she said, “clusters, holes, or trypophobia”?
°•B u b b l y P a n d a•°
Mykie! You got an add! Good job😂😊
Maddie Patton
Maddie Patton - 3 dager siden
Welp lol this was the third time I’ve tried to watch this video and I finally did it haha
I cannot handle when you’re cooking easy mac and after you take it out of the microwave and all the noodles are like standing up 😅😷 aside from being on Keto, this why I don’t eat easy mac
I Am Ghostie
I Am Ghostie - 5 dager siden
Was she demonitized? I don't think I saw an ad......
Lmao girl
Lmao girl - 6 dager siden
I'm pretty sure its try po phobia
Lmao girl
Lmao girl - 6 dager siden
Or pa
Lily Garralon
Lily Garralon - 7 dager siden
The holes in the eye's prosthetic look like a crumpet with marmite hahaha
BubblyPanda4 - 8 dager siden
I stayed for a minute and a half and instantly said “nope”. I love you, Mykie. But no I can’t do this one
Guigone Balcaen
Guigone Balcaen - 11 dager siden
Deep sea
Fury-Swiping Kecleon
Fury-Swiping Kecleon - 14 dager siden
okay but HOW did you make the prosthetic... I know you said you pushed the brushes in to it but like did you let it partially dry first? or fully dry? but that wouldn't... work? or did you use a latex thickener?
Abigail Fuss
Abigail Fuss - 14 dager siden
my anxietyyyyyyyy
Blossom Tv
Blossom Tv - 14 dager siden
Captain Dixie
Captain Dixie - 15 dager siden
Me: hold up... was that a stripper pole?! YAS BABY DO A ZOMBAE STRIPPER! We deserve it lmao
Lauryn’s Forest
Lauryn’s Forest - 15 dager siden
Mykie: naval style
Cecilia Downs
Cecilia Downs - 18 dager siden
why do you have a stripper bar in your living room
Female Eijiro Kirishima
Female Eijiro Kirishima - 18 dager siden
I actually have trypophobia and I’m still watching the video XD
mommy's google
mommy's google - 18 dager siden
Please stop showing the coral!!!!
j Tveit
j Tveit - 18 dager siden
Yep... triggered
Calla Hardison
Calla Hardison - 19 dager siden
2020 any one
Calla Hardison
Calla Hardison - 19 dager siden
Who else’s Alexa went off
leticia Garza
leticia Garza - 19 dager siden
😂my mom has it and i showed her the part where she did the close up shots and modeling and she like get that out of my face or im taking your phone😂
Student Emma Anderson
Student Emma Anderson - 21 dag siden
Did anyone see the strip pole around 7:10....
Ashley Kerwin
Ashley Kerwin - 22 dager siden
The shoutout to vets was so simple & sweet 😭
Currently going back & watching videos ive missed over the last couple years 🤣
Royale Cloe
Royale Cloe - 22 dager siden
You should do a nymph look!!
If you guys don't know what a nymph : a mythological spirit of nature imagined as a beautiful maiden inhabiting rivers, woods, or other locations.
"the idyllic world of nymphs and shepherds"
Kaitlynn Aponte
Kaitlynn Aponte - 23 dager siden
This made me itchy I don't like it made it worse
Alyssa Walker
Alyssa Walker - 24 dager siden
i have tripophobia and i put out a candle with water and then holes appeared and i almost had a panic attack looking at it
Trystan Compton
Trystan Compton - 24 dager siden
i dont like gross liquids like when im washing dishes and all the food and water mix
Ashley Hager
Ashley Hager - 24 dager siden
Can we start a petition to get Skin Illustrator to do a signature palette with Mykie? PLEASE???
Allison Barton
Allison Barton - 26 dager siden
You made my phobia look sexy!
LaGataRusa - 26 dager siden
Looks like she's part of the Davy Jones' crew. Half coral, half sailor.
Paula Herron
Paula Herron - 26 dager siden
i think 1.1k people left
Amanda Vanderford
Amanda Vanderford - 27 dager siden
You are truly a master at FX makeup! Recently found your channel and have been hooked ever since! Keep up the good work!
Deaven Rayn
Deaven Rayn - 27 dager siden
I must be really weird cause trypophobia dosent unsettle me
『hxneyx milk』
『hxneyx milk』 - 28 dager siden
And while I’m driving home here’s a word from our sponsor- unless I get demonitized in which-
Ad: *iT hAs CaMe To My AtTeNtiOn tHaT i HaVe A vAgInA tHaT I KnOw VeRy LiTtLe AbOuT*
Maddie Patton
Maddie Patton - Måned siden
I’ve been a follower for a while, and I have ALWAYS avoided this video. I had the videos just playing randomly as I paint a cabinet and it happened to come up, so I thought I’d give it a shot... well I got 5 min and 30 seconds in and couldn’t do it lol
Rosie Scott
Rosie Scott - Måned siden
idk why but this looks like holes at 1st look like weird crumpets
Emma Chung
Emma Chung - Måned siden
Also to all the people that disliked they probably did that because they have tribe phobia
Hailey-Jo Bankey-Ramsey
Hailey-Jo Bankey-Ramsey - Måned siden
Is anyone else afraid of spiders?🕷