Turning Myself Into A Cow In A Tesla

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I do sfx makeup to turn myself in a cow in my tesla ... for science!!

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gisary matos
gisary matos - År siden
For the people who are saying "she has a Tesla but is talking about reducing emission please listen & pay attention to what she says starting at 17:29.
Kirsty Hutchinson
Kirsty Hutchinson - 2 måneder siden
Liz Guillot
Liz Guillot - 8 måneder siden
@Maddie Graner than who cares? I mean if regular cars produce emissions and a tesla produces emissions in a different less direct way what can anyone do?? Its not her fault big business is corrupt and doesn't care about the environment. She had good intentions and in this world its all anyone can ask for. We are all being fucked by big business abd that's that.
Lsc Snowy
Lsc Snowy - 8 måneder siden
gisary matos well I mean she not to smart
KeeganDitty - År siden
Ive done the math and even if your car is powered entirely by a coal power plant it's less carbon emitted than a gas car
guy - År siden
Jackie Sangster
Jackie Sangster - 7 dager siden
Why is it that at the time 12:51 Mykie looked like pennywise .
NAD SNATCHER - 8 dager siden
How now brown cow?
Female Eijiro Kirishima
Female Eijiro Kirishima - 14 dager siden
Oh you got money Flex gurl flex
Delaine Embree
Delaine Embree - 15 dager siden
I'm sorry but I got to have my cow
Chrystal Ight.2
Chrystal Ight.2 - 16 dager siden
This is low-key creepy
Leigh Green
Leigh Green - 17 dager siden
Although things that are environmentally efficient are extremely helpful, they are still made in factories, which are using coals and other inefficient energy sources. So, please star off greener by buying used stuff.
Cleo Britten
Cleo Britten - 18 dager siden
lol at least earth has given us carona /c 19 now the population has shrunk
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor - 22 dager siden
A bull is just a Male cow, just in case you still didn't know
TheCHADsession - 26 dager siden
Is she vegan?
Missi Pyro
Missi Pyro - Måned siden
I visited a college that had a giant wind turbine(? Wind mill? Giant thing with 3 wings that makes wind power) that powered 2/3 of the whole campus! Which is amazing (btw this was 9 yrs ago that i visited it)
McKenzie Wilson
McKenzie Wilson - Måned siden
Why do you look like the hash slinging slasher?
Sheyenne Summers
Sheyenne Summers - Måned siden
Did Chernobyl teach us nothing....
Lol ZAM - Måned siden
This is technically a carnivore cow, its eyes are on the front and not the sides of the face. It obviously is for practicality but still
Jessie Curzio
Jessie Curzio - Måned siden
when you realize Mykie created the cow print trend XD
Laura May
Laura May - Måned siden
Mykie has ader jokes
Jay Fransen
Jay Fransen - Måned siden
lmao cows are the females bulls are the males
Emily Hoy
Emily Hoy - Måned siden
This video made me feel extremely claustrophobic as soon as she put on the cow face prosthetic and covered her nostrils😅
Werewolf Ani
Werewolf Ani - Måned siden
Cows are female bulls are males
Moosey Tobi
Moosey Tobi - Måned siden
This is a year old vid but I did want to thank you for mentioning that not everyone can do vegan/vegetarian for financial and health reasons. I have friends who had to raise and hunt their food or they’d starve because of being so below the poverty line. And I’ve been told explicitly by my doctor that if I decided to make those dietary choices she wants me to see a nutritionist first (I’m severe anemic, like needing iron infusions anemic, among other things). I really hope that agriculture can be drastically improved, especially in a way that can be easily implemented for other countries that don’t have the resources.
Drawing with Pears
Drawing with Pears - Måned siden
just wait until 2020
April Webb
April Webb - Måned siden
Watching this in 2020 and hearing " We can't stop China from polluting." Well something slowed down the pollution and then the rest of the world... Still wear a mask.
Human Person
Human Person - 2 måneder siden
To be clear I have nothing against vegetarians or vegans, but all human can not go vegan or vegetarian it would end up having a more negative effect than positive on plants and animals.
Sydney Butler
Sydney Butler - 2 måneder siden
Lrerrrrrrrrrrerereeeeeeewweerdgh b hi honey bunny bunny is there m!))’jyh
Sydney Butler
Sydney Butler - 2 måneder siden
I’m not a big guy and he is not working there are you gonna go to the gutter??? I’m so happy that you are still at the nest
Sydney Butler
Sydney Butler - 2 måneder siden
Ruufdjdjdjxjxnxnddjdjdjsjsksksjskskskskskskskj u d llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll oop I a hx
Sydney Butler
Sydney Butler - 2 måneder siden
Racha ha
Sydney Butler
Sydney Butler - 2 måneder siden
Sydney Butler
Sydney Butler - 2 måneder siden
Brookly N
Brookly N - 2 måneder siden
A bull is a male cow
Aesthetic Alice
Aesthetic Alice - 2 måneder siden
Breanna Fenimore
Breanna Fenimore - 2 måneder siden
There is a place called cafe no fur where I live and they have a poke bowl and it's all vegan and they nailed itttttttt!! They even have vegan cheese that tastes like real cheese I really recommend the place for anyone who is starting to be vegan or even vegetarian
Libby Wheeler
Libby Wheeler - 2 måneder siden
Try the quorn battered fish it’s vegan and it’s really good
Aurora - 2 måneder siden
A bull is a male cow
Elisa DeCesare
Elisa DeCesare - 2 måneder siden
I’m here from 2020 and when she said the first 2 months of 2018 haven’t been great I was like OH JUST YOU WAIT
Just Wondering
Just Wondering - 2 måneder siden
Cute go to ( STOP THE CRIME . NET NEW ). watch her many VIDEOS .../ hi to ( IsraeliNewsLive ) with Steven & Jana Ben-nun watch their video title ( Must See Interview )and watch their many others...
Aubrey King
Aubrey King - 2 måneder siden
The cows are for breeding and then they die so we can have meat if we don’t kill some they get over populated and if we kill them we can eat them
Samantha McBride
Samantha McBride - 2 måneder siden
Am I the only person that after she did that mouth thought peniwise the cow?
Aaliyah C
Aaliyah C - 2 måneder siden
Why is this the first time I've ever even heard of this video
Dragon Blast
Dragon Blast - 2 måneder siden
I don't use cars, at sll, I am extremely travel sick, sometimes ivm forced by my mother to go on a bus, but other than thart, pls keep me 30m away from sll cars at all time, thank you.