Turning Myself Into A Wendigo While Playing Until Dawn

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We played Until Dawn until literal dawn and I turned myself into a Wendigo with FX makeup at the same time. Drink every time Anthony jumps and drink double if I ask him immediately after if he jumped.
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Glam&Gore - 5 måneder siden
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Anthony: I have buried some rabbits
Soja Särkiranta
Soja Särkiranta - 6 dager siden
You definitely should play man of medan next ! ❤️
ray shirogane
ray shirogane - 10 dager siden
The sad thing is tick tock is going to be band on this Sunday now 😭😭😭😭😭
Payton I don’t need a last name
Play the vr game if this and the therapist guy and the clowns will make sense
Pixiefly - Måned siden
yo da best
Simone Janssen
Simone Janssen - Måned siden
Lara Knapp
Lara Knapp - 3 timer siden
I'm genuinely surprised your dogs don't get spooked when you're wearing FX makeup like this. Also, my entire body was so tense watching this video. Completely on edge! I could never play a video game like this because I'd know I'd pick the wrong answer every time. So much pressure!
Mandy Monster
Mandy Monster - 5 timer siden
Josh doesn't technically die. Since he recognizes Hannah, she drags him off to turn him into a wendigo. There's a lot of important clues in this game lol
CPandABfangirl - 7 timer siden
My name is Emily and tbh... I’m offended
toxicwasteツ - 21 time siden
I'm a girl just so u no
toxicwasteツ - 21 time siden
I love your dogs they're so cute 😔😔😔
I'll hide you seek
I'll hide you seek - Dag siden
I killed Jess immediately on accident because I slipped as mike....
Multi _fandom
Multi _fandom - 2 dager siden
this game actually scared me to death, i cry while watching people play it sometimes and yea ;-;
Jessie’s Studio
Jessie’s Studio - 2 dager siden
Imma catch one and keep it I live in Nova Scotia 🥰🥰
Crystal owl297
Crystal owl297 - 3 dager siden
The girl that mike was gonna bang if you get to her in time she doesn’t die
Linabubina_xo - 3 dager siden
My fave gore look in a while
Thomas Reddin
Thomas Reddin - 4 dager siden
I love how Anthony is chilling in the back ground and getting really excited at thing mykie talks about.
Menusha Baboothie
Menusha Baboothie - 4 dager siden
Guts and glam sounds weird but interesting!?
Via Orb
Via Orb - 4 dager siden
Don’t press read more if you don’t know the ending. It’s a spoiler.

Their brother is the killer. jk I don’t remember
Marsi - 5 dager siden
The saddest thing is, u cant save rami malik :((
Angie Mach
Angie Mach - 5 dager siden
plz make a channel just for gaming with both of u guys together that’d be so good
Nikki Benoit
Nikki Benoit - 5 dager siden
I’m sorry, I have to....... nice Anthony lol. End of video, yes everybody sees your junk. I know you did too. Saw ya looking down on your other monitor. Lmfao. Did you want everybody to see it? It was pretty out there. Sorry Mykie, I idolize you! You’re the most beautiful and funny person ever, I had to say it. Everybody was thinkin it🤔😉
Sly Cooper
Sly Cooper - 6 dager siden
I loved this so much!!
JamaicanRain - 6 dager siden
I have not gotten into games very much...but seems to me whoever did the art for this should be one of the richest people in the world. Holy scrit.😳
K Lazz
K Lazz - 7 dager siden
This game scares the ✨shit✨ out of me even though I know when all the jump scares are like....I’ve played it atleast 7 times but it still scares me like- HOW
McKenzie Sanderson
McKenzie Sanderson - 7 dager siden
Hey Mikey how come you never give us her a room tour of Era hotels and you stand please
Cetera Sorensen
Cetera Sorensen - 8 dager siden
This is google's answer to how to save Rami: "The only way  Josh Washington, expertly played by  Malek (aka Mr. Robot), is by finding a specific clue while playing as Sam in Chapter 10. When Mike and Sam are on their way  the Wendigo's lair, she and Mike  drop down into the water near the water wheel"
Cetera Sorensen
Cetera Sorensen - 8 dager siden
anthony and mykie are literally the cutest thing i have ever seen. Like 100% the "no huneeee" is the best
Jayden Panter
Jayden Panter - 8 dager siden
is mykie and anthony dating?
JamaicanRain - 6 dager siden
Louis Bronk
Louis Bronk - 9 dager siden
Those contacts are like light diffusers, so yes Mykie, it will pick up light and bounce it around your eyes. I know light diffusers aren't generally used for that kind of purpose (they're mostly used for diffusing bright lights) but I used it for this purpose in a robotics project
Tanjeru Nezu
Tanjeru Nezu - 9 dager siden
Is mikey was a killer “RuN bEtHaNy”
Emily Grainger
Emily Grainger - 10 dager siden
Jess always gets pulled through the window, she only dies if when you’re chasing her, you mess up the QuickTime events
Madeline Tripi
Madeline Tripi - 10 dager siden
I think jumped as many times as Anthony did🤣
Kiwi_love25 - 11 dager siden
I love how there isn’t one comment on how HOT ANTHONY IS. Maybe cuz we all have respect for Mykie and Anthony’s relationship. But we all secretly wish we were with Anthony
JamaicanRain - 6 dager siden
Agree. I think that is because it is a bit disrespectful to comment on someone’s page on how hot their boyfriend is. And Anthony has fans that have grown with him and so they realize this. (I assume Mykie also has a lot of longtime fans)
Kimboslice - 11 dager siden
favourite upload as of late, couple goals!! FX and gaming yassss Mykie
Andrea Farnum
Andrea Farnum - 11 dager siden
I think a new channel needs to be made. Where Mykie does Gore with the game Anthony picked to play that day!! I think this would be total fun
LUVETHONK - 11 dager siden
OMG YOU AND ANTHONY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER Tehe I just watched the revealing my boyf vid, also you look like Ava Max in the beginning of the video :3
CPandABfangirl - 7 timer siden
I thought so too I commented but then deleted it to comment something else lol
VL clan
VL clan - 12 dager siden
This game is terrifying
Rie Dee
Rie Dee - 12 dager siden
3:39 🥺🥺
Tyler Stewart
Tyler Stewart - 12 dager siden
Omg...I love this
Sydneygrace Lescord
Sydneygrace Lescord - 13 dager siden
Can we also look at the way antony hummed all the times!!!!! Sorry antony
Sydneygrace Lescord
Sydneygrace Lescord - 13 dager siden
The look on ripley's face when MYKIE said " Ripley crape I will put you in your crate!" Was sooooo funny! Her and creature are so freaking cute!!!!!
Jenna Mckinleigh
Jenna Mckinleigh - 13 dager siden
I have watched this video SOOOOO much in the last 4 months. Like 25 times at least. No lie!!! It is really good background noise. You guys are great at commentary and I really think you guys should do another one and try to save jess and sam. For jess you need to hide I think 3 times with matt and do quick actions because she will fall. Anyway yeah I REALLY REALLY hope you play this again and film it!!
Vanja Finstad
Vanja Finstad - 14 dager siden
Do more like this Mykieeeeeeeeeeeeee plss
Angry Pomeranian
Angry Pomeranian - 14 dager siden
I know this video was a while ago but here’s some further info on the wendigo. First, the wendigo was originally a humanoid-looking creature, originating from Algonquin Tribes in Canada, is to say the least, a person who had eaten a bit of human flesh or was possessed by the forest-dwelling evil spirit, or in the storytelling I heard, started craving human flesh until they turned into the wendigo, after eating a few people. which is closer in design to the one Mykie had done in her makeup than the now more modern deer-like design. (Again, this is just me summing up all that I know at 3 AM so feel free to correct me). But nonetheless, key aspects in both looks are a cold )frost bitten), starvation and well, the most obvious, being monstrous.