Turning Myself Into THE GRINCH using SFX Makeup

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Happy Holidays to all the zombaes in the land! This is a video all about how the Grinch *almost* stole Ripley. I hope this takes ya back to previous years and you enjoy the makeup tutorial after because it was pure hell to wear this get up. :D
Special thanks to people who made this short extra awesome!
Narration written by: Mark Macaluso [instagram.com/markamacaluso]
Narration performed by: Bobby Jackson [instagram.com/bobbyjaxon]
Co-written & shot by: Peter Macaluso [instagram.com/_macarony]
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YEAR 1: Krampus FX makeup tutorial:
YEAR 2: Yeti SFX makeup tutorial:
* * **Grinch Poem:** * *
Hello Zombaes, ‘Tis the season again
Let us wag you a tale of our four-legged friend
For those who don’t know of year one and year two
Of the Christmas adventures of little Rip Who
The story begins with Ripley’s first Christmas,
She had hoped for Saint Nick, but got something more vicious.
On the roof with a bang, Mr. Krampus arrived,
He took her away, but she somehow survived.
Year two came the Yeti- so bloody and huge.
He was actually nice, but turned Rip into Scrooge.
So, what happened next? Let us take a look back
Did Santa show up with his great, big, red sack?
In year 3 she behaved; she went early to bed
Careless whispers and sugar plums danced in her head
A shadowy figure, snuck through the door.
Will this little pup's Christmas, be ruined once more?
The Grinch tiptoed down, not a peep, not a squeal
To the last tree in LA, with presents to steal
He grabbed pallets and brushes, this thingamajig
Regan, Carrie, Clarice; Every Glam&Gore wig.
He ate a cookie too quickly and held back a burp
The whole glass of milk was then gone in a *slurp*
It had come down to this, would this be Ripley’s end?
Was this Santa imposter a foe or a - Friend?
He was simply enamored, by the spark in her eyes
And his green little heart grew to TEN times its size
The Grinch suddenly felt a pinch and a clutch
3 would have been better. 10 was just too much
When the Grinch hit the floor Ripley thought “this is fine!”
“After all of these years all the presents are mine!”
With the gift bag in tow, she’d go on the run
Grinchy’s credit would buy her at least 12 months of fun.
If you’d wondered what happened, you can now say you know.
Why you didn’t see Ripley, one Christmas ago.
* * ** ** * *

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holly avea
holly avea - År siden
Ripley Is a better actress than Meryl Streep, change my mind
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this is cool
Kate Wolfe
Kate Wolfe - 2 dager siden
This intro though, is FIRE... i havent even gotten to the actually video though
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We have the same favorite top 2 actors, except my absolute favorite is Bryan Cranston :)
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okay but why did Ripley's letter to Santa actually make me sad
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laney nicholas - 7 dager siden
Omg Ripley was such a babe🥰😭
laney nicholas
laney nicholas - 7 dager siden
Omg Ripley was such a babe🥰😭
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i was watching this at 2 am and i dead ass almost fell asleep because the intro short was so soothing
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How does this have 2.1K thumbs down? Was laughing the whole time lol
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Well he was mean And he turned good in the end of the movie
Matilda Harris
Matilda Harris - 29 dager siden
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Ding dang ding she still looks pretty. I swear. Put anything over her face so u see just her eyes she still look fabulous. Then there's me. 🤮 🤢 😞 😡 👿
Jehorapha 07
Jehorapha 07 - Måned siden
Very nice story l watched this cool
tiggers344 - Måned siden
Did you know that Jim carry (who plays the grinch) actually went through SEAL torture training because of all his makeup
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why has no one mentioned her Atlanta Monster reference?
hi Mikey I love true crime
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Feliz Thalia Vlogs
Feliz Thalia Vlogs - Måned siden
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