Turning Myself Into The Heart Eyes Emoji SFX style

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This video is full of careless whispers because I'm sick. Love sick. Something about the heart eye emoji and valentine's day cupcakes. Enjoy
Harley Quinn short "Madly In Love":
Harley Quinn makeup tutorial:
Valentine's Day 'tutorial':
Deadpool fx makeup tutorial:
Jack O Latern Tutorial:
Other fx heart eyes:
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Molli D
Molli D - År siden
And y’all thought antibiotics didn’t have a sound 😂
goopis the slime overlord
goopis the slime overlord - 12 dager siden
@Kaysie Face does it ever even crash, or even make a sound?
The Workz
The Workz - 4 måneder siden
therandompersonscrollingthroughthecomments lol
Whats with the music
Isabella Lillian
Isabella Lillian - 11 måneder siden
Samantha Tosado ??
Montse Tovar
Montse Tovar - År siden
When you do it in the middle of the night everything makes noise😂😂
Bailey Dixon
Bailey Dixon - 39 minutter siden
So I asked a guy to the Valentines Dance, and he had identified as a male for about 2 years and was struggling with his mom. So she was sending him to the dance in a dress, so I bought him a pair of jeans and a dress shirt to change into. Unfortunately I got sick and couldn't go, so I went up and dropped it off, he was very thankful😅 We're still friends, just not as good as we used to be, but thats probably the best thing I've done for someone on Valentines Day, considering I'm only thirteen😅
Katie Sunshine Curleyhair
Katie Sunshine Curleyhair - 4 timer siden
At 15:30 I was like "Girl same" I'm only 13😁
ROBERT DICKS - 7 timer siden
The nicest thing I’ve done on Valentine’s Day was being single 🤗
Bruised Peaches
Bruised Peaches - 16 timer siden
My most used emojiis: 🔥😭😡😐🤣😉🤮😔😎😌😍☁️🔫☺️😩😢🩳🦵🏻🤢😏😊💖🍑🧥😂😝🥺👉👈😪

(some of these make me seem creepy but i only use emojiis ironically i swear)
ΣRIΠ - 2 dager siden
My skin literally felt like it was on fire while watching it because I'm allergic to any kind of latex. One time I wore latex gloves and the skin on my hands had hives for weeks
ΣRIΠ - 2 dager siden
Mine is 🤭
mlweber1977 - 2 dager siden
I dont really like asmr
Scarlett :
Scarlett : - 3 dager siden
Mine is....😍 I- I’m not kidding
Charlotte Bergstrom
Charlotte Bergstrom - 4 dager siden
Me think, why waste time say lot word, when few word do trick
merin soto
merin soto - 5 dager siden
The asmr of the dog was loud 😂 (huges) 🤗
Dorothy Key
Dorothy Key - 7 dager siden
Liiightgold on ig
Liiightgold on ig - 8 dager siden
Why would it get demonized for Asmr tho?
Lani McClure
Lani McClure - 8 dager siden
I sadly broke up with someone on valentine's day when I was in high school. But mine was a huge mistake. He was annoyingly nice! I didn't realize at the time how much I would choke one those words because I wasn't used to guys being nice to me or interested like he was either! I made amends with him but we never got back together!
• shxnmv •
• shxnmv • - 11 dager siden
i like how shes like "if u dont know who good charolette is, ik how old u are."
but like ik who good charolette and im y o u n g
Domineaux Whitecotton
Domineaux Whitecotton - 12 dager siden
Her dog sounds possessed lmaooo
nicole conaway
nicole conaway - 13 dager siden
I liked billy and had a folder with photos, he was cute.
Just Echo
Just Echo - 15 dager siden
Ah sh*t! That scared the sh*t out of me!
Lily English
Lily English - 15 dager siden
I’m sorry to say but you bust your head open in the bathroom tomarrow😂
Colleen Wadas
Colleen Wadas - 16 dager siden
We have the same inhaler
Keira Cummings
Keira Cummings - 17 dager siden
I love the video but pls stop asmr I dont like it
Paula Herron
Paula Herron - 21 dag siden
WHAT IS YOU'R MERCH STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Romina Witschnig
Romina Witschnig - 22 dager siden
OMG "The Young and the Hopeless" was on repeat when I was 16🤘🏻🖤
gingie - 24 dager siden
she just cassually shavin off her eyebrows XDD
Deaven Rayn
Deaven Rayn - 25 dager siden
you set off my Alexa!
Chris Humphrey
Chris Humphrey - 25 dager siden
Can I just say that I’m impressed that she knows *most* of the words to “I feel pretty”!?
M S - 27 dager siden
yeah, i friend zoned one person the day before, and one the day after valentines day
Rah K
Rah K - 27 dager siden
i ligit lost a game of oreo and had to date a girl for a day before i dumped her. It was also on valentines day
Amber Mcinally
Amber Mcinally - 28 dager siden
Here I am in 2020 end of Aug binging mykie while I am sick and she tells me to get well soon. WHY am I legit about to cry??!! Love you mykie xx
Agata T
Agata T - Måned siden
I love how she called out the My Bloody Valentine song but not the movie...
Shayli Davenport
Shayli Davenport - Måned siden
*takes a drink*
Mykie: aaaAAAhhhHHH
Mykie: Sippy Sippy - What's up Bunny?!
"Give this video a like, and give an alligator its wings!"
Johann Burger
Johann Burger - Måned siden
Here we go @Glam&Gore at 00:59
lcmonade x
lcmonade x - Måned siden
0:00-1:00 🏍️🏍️🏍️
Becca Wilson
Becca Wilson - Måned siden
This might be dumb and already answered before, but does anyone know where she got her cup?? It’s so cute
Kawaii Kittiesparkle
Kawaii Kittiesparkle - Måned siden
6:30 when she actually starts doing the makeup. Your welcome
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones - Måned siden
Omg the whispering was so convenient for me I was sneaking food in the kitchen at 12am
Kokona Haruka
Kokona Haruka - Måned siden
Love me love me say that you love me 💋💀🔪
Kim Reich
Kim Reich - Måned siden
Let’s not do this again
Emma Buchner
Emma Buchner - Måned siden
Does she REALLY have No eyebrows or does she really shave them off
Steven Finley
Steven Finley - Måned siden